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    Node.js Developers

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    Node.js Developers

    For one of our clients we are urgently looking for a Node.js Developer. We are looking for two people to start in January. A further ramp up of resources;  4 to 6 in April/June period. Scope is HSDP/AWS  ‘development + operations’ (until at least the end of 2017) with the option for long term partnership/contracting for managed services for this part of the IoT platform.
    Required skills Wat AWS zoekt in skills;
    As for the skills asked by AWS-  it ‘s very important for the guys that they know their way around in AWS Microservices  (this is the most crucial skill – serverless architecture build…) and the IoT specifics can be taught quite easily..
    De genummerde items in bold zijn de requiremenst van de AWS slides. De andere bullets geven inhoudelijk weer wat die requirements qua technologieën, principles en paradigma’s inhouden. Dit geeft een bredere search mogelijkheid op mogelijke resources. In italic de kennis/technologieen die ondersteunend zijn in de overige requirements.
    1. Node.js
    a. JavaScript / Object Orientated Programming / Prototyping
    b. NPM package manager (npmjs
    c. GULP

    2. API GW
    a. Secure API
    b. RESTful
    c. oAuth

    3. DymanoDB
    a. NoSQL
    b. non-relational
    c. variety of data models, including document, graph, key-value, and columnar

    4. Lambda
    a. Scalability
    b. Event driven programming

    5. Common serverless stack
    a. SOLID
      i.  S – Single-responsiblity principle
      ii. O – Open-closed principle
      iii.L – Liskov substitution principle
      iv. I – Interface segregation principle
      v.  D – Dependency Inversion Principle
    b. Micro services
    c. Nano services
    d. Cloud service paradigma’s
    e. Containerization
    i. Docker

    Location: Eindhoven

    Start: Asap. 1 year



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