Christina van de Kamp

    Development Engineer

    Status: Gesloten
    Categorie: Tijdelijke vacatures
    Door Christina van de Kamp
    Locatie: Rotterdam
    Referentie nummer: 24151
    Development Engineer


    Werken bij een bank betekent dat je de bankierseed af dient te leggen. 

    Locatie: Rotterdam

    Richttarief: 80,00

    Uren: 36

    Startdatum: 20-02-2017

    Einddatum: 29-12-2017


    You will work in a multidisciplinary squad with end-to-end responsibility focussing support for ING Private Cloud services. Yourself and your colleagues work in a DevOps way of working. You will join the Chapter Compute & Storage which will focus on predictability, reliability and alerting.

    What you do:

    You deliver standard, self-service infrastructure services to the consumers of Private Cloud and support the IaaS layer together with your squad and Infra Area.

    You are able to move all typical user stories and tasks from "To-Do" to "Done". Especially, you focus on:

    1 Deliver and maintain monitoring for (virtual) infrastructure service

    2 Apply continuous delivery practices

    3 Apply and improve DevOps way of working

    Competencies - Skills

    1 Broad understanding of network technologies

      a Knowledge across stack, technologies and ecosystems

        - Technology stack and tools of the respective service of the squad

        - Technology of interfacing squads and consumers to achieve end-to-end view

        - Impact of different factors on performance and capacity of services

        - Technical implications of Security and Risk principles

      b Clear understanding of consumer context and needs, as well as the value-add of your service to the consumer

    2 Expertise in multiple coding/ scripting languages and automation tooling

      a Experience with virtualization environments and tools e.g., VMware, vRO, ESXi

      b Certification and/or proven knowledge of programming languages JavaScript and PowerShell

      c Certification and/or proven knowledge of reporting tooling

      d Certification and/or proven knowledge of VMware

    3 Working-level knowledge of Agile and DevOps practices

      a Understanding of the Scrum methodology (e.g. backlog and spring planning, review and marketplace)

      b Knowledge of Lean practices (e.g., waste identification, visual management)

      c Knowledge of DevOps way of working (e.g., continuous delivery, cross-functional team set-ups, development of cross-skilled squad members)

    Competencies - Behaviours

    - Mindset of openness and willingness to try new ways of working and technologies

    - End-to-end ownership mindset

      - Strong team player who takes responsibility

      - Independent and autonomous in completing tasks

    - Mindset of continuous improvement of the service and way of working

      - Reflects upon behaviours and performance to proactively identify improvement areas

      - Strong problem solver to structure and improve complex situations

      - Coaches others to help their individual development

    Your education and background

    - Professional and intellectual IT ability at university level - at least Bachelor's degree

    - Experience from working in high performing (Agile) IT teams

    - Certification on VMware hybrid clouds solution or equal

    - Certification and/or proven proficiency in one or more programming/scripting languages, like Java and Ruby.

    - Certification and/or proven proficiency on SMARTS/SRM

    - Excellent command of spoken and written Dutch and English



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